A custom developed application for content creators and audiences



Gather the largest number of valuable content creator´s and become a worldwide reference platform in the field of knowledge and entertainment that inspires and motivates millions of people.



It is the platform that will provide millions of current creators and emerging ones, a space where they can publish their content and make it profitable in different ways. .

Monetization of content

Integrates multiple options for the creators to monetize their content.

Contents with value

The value content will always reward and attract audiences and new creators.

Management contents

An easy-to-use app that unifies actions, without the need to resort to other platforms. .

Interaction between users

Allows users to interact in video, image, text and/or voice notes.

Events Managment

Provides a manager calendar that allows to report and follow up events.



Additional income channel that allows the direct sale of products and services.

Monetize and manage

your income

A great alternative for content creators to generate income, without so many restrictions, eliminating intermediaries and without the need to resort to multiple platforms. 

Its algorithm offers more transparency when monetizing the content, more directly and with lowest commissions in the market.

«It’s time to meet others in the best scenario to share content.»

Imagine a place where you can share knowledge, turn your ideas into reality and discover new opportunities.

What makes
us different?
At Makerview we love to connect people so they can exchange information through a global network. The platform that unites people in communities to share knowledge, talents , interests, hobbies and most importantly, make them profitable.

Meet real people doing real things, people who do what they love and want to share it with others

A platform that unifies actions.

A single platform for everything.

Make it easy, make it

«Together in communities we will be faster and wiser».